Hanon Systems strives to build strong relationships with the communities in which it operates, not only with those external to the company, but also with the families and relatives of those on the team. Through interacting with a broad range of stakeholders, we can learn about, listen to and understand key issues within Hanon Systems’s scope and beyond and build a better tomorrow.


The HANON family

With over 15,000 employees worldwide, our reach and impact through our extended “family” is huge. By involving the families of employees in activities and special events, we aim to strengthen our community and reinforce our team spirit. Activities globally include child at work days, national children day events, and promoting science-related subjects with our next generations.


Through our global program, HANON CITIZEN, each location reaches out to parts of society that need support. With a focus on three areas: the environment, the community and education, our social contribution scheme aims to make a difference for as many as possible.



Passing on knowledge and expertise, providing educational support and raising awareness of the opportunities the world offers are just a few examples of the ways we can help ensure future generations achieve their goals. As an engineering and technology company, we see it our responsibility to increase interest amongst children in science-related subjects, and to let them know how science is applied to finding modern day solutions and innovation. We also recognize that not everyone gets the same opportunities in life and give focus to funding scholarships to those from less fortunate backgrounds.

HANON CITIZEN: Education activities include

encouraging students to follow science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects around the globe providing scholarships to children from less fortunate backgrounds (Korea) participating in events introducing students to the science around thermal energy management partnerships with universities and student bodies such as the Formula 1 “Formula Student” program partnerships with affiliations and industry consortiums that can influence future requirements and set standards for a better tomorrow. internship schemes, mock interviews and work placements for university and college students



Tied closely with Hanon Systems's to provide eco-friendly and efficient solutions, the company is involved in activities within local communities that raise the awareness of environmental issues among stakeholders including employees and students. Volunteer activities focus on the mitigation of pollution and restoration of natural habitats.

Protecting the Environment

Volunteers around the world take part in cleanup activities in local communities and places of natural importance.

Raising Environmental Awareness

We have a responsibility to prepare future generations for a very different environment than the one we are used to now. Environmental awareness days and events help increase the interest young people have in the environment and get them thinking about ways they can help.


HANON Citizen Community

As a business, Hanon Systems is committed to bringing comfort and well-being to its customers through thermal energy management solutions. As a citizen, Hanon Systems also is committed to activities that positively impact the welfare of the communities we touch. Areas of support include:

• child welfare
• disaster relief
• economically challenged groups
• involvement with local and regional cultural programs
• medical and health support



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