The Environment

The wellbeing and success of future generations has never relied so much on the actions and achievements of present day. The planet is at a critical juncture, with global warming close to a tipping point, finite natural resources running out and climate change already a very current problem. Given the reach that companies have, populations are increasingly looking to corporations for rapid and effective responses and solutions to environmental problems. Through implementing manufacturing process changes, and focussing on operational excellence and sustainability, organizations can assist in the mitigation negative environmental impacts.

Green Management

Hanon Systems recognizes the importance of having a robust and best-practice environmental management system in place globally. Hanon Systems maintains ISO 14001 certification and assurance covering all global manufacturing facilities. Strong EH&S management keeps employees informed and aware of ways to continuously build and improve on our performance.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Through committing to a 10% year-on-year reduction in emissions and 10% increase in energy efficiency across our operations, Hanon Systems remains proactive in mitigating the environmental impact of our business. By sharing best practice, implementing innovative solutions and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement, our efforts bring value to the environment and the bottom line.

Use of Shutdowns

Globally each year, facilities are encouraged to use any shutdown periods to check for inefficiencies that may not be detectable during normal operating schedules

Air and Water Pollutant Management

Air and water pollutants remain a global issue and affect everyone. It is therefore imperative that corporations use their expertise and technology to help decrease the negative impacts their operations may have. Hanon Systems adheres to all legal air and water pollutant and emission regulations and has strict measures in place to ensure continuous improvement

Waste management

Perhaps more than any other industry, manufacturing has long seen waste as a sign of operational inefficiency. At the same time, it also views it as an opportunity for enhancing operational excellence. Hanon Systems has stringent measures in place to monitor all areas of operational waste including scrap metal, waste oil, general sludge and waste plastic. Following all legal requirements globally, Hanon Systems looks to do all it can to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Waste management doesn’t stop at the plant. Hanon Systems educates employees company-wide on the need to separate waste and recycle. Employees are encouraged to recycle paper, batteries, printer cartridges and plastics. The company also uses recycled materials wherever possible for packaging and shipping.

Hanon Systems has set an annual target of 10% in waste reductions and continues to implement a global management system that identifies areas of improvement.

Water management

Water is another finite resource that needs protecting. We have set an annual target 10% reduction in water usage and encourage employees to look for solutions, no matter how large or small, that will help us reach this goal.

Management of Chemical Substances

Hanon Systems strictly follows all regulations and guidelines regarding hazardous substances and works internally to a global system of data collection and monitoring.

External Recognition

Hanon Systems continues to gain recognition from global bodies on its contribution to a more environmentally society through green management.


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