At Hanon Systems, we realize it is not what we do, but how we do it. To be a responsible company, we must ensure we operate on responsible foundations, on which our sustainability as a company can be built. We work within international laws and regulations in areas of human rights, labor and the environment, and remain transparent in communicating our financial health and management structure.

Marketplace Ethics

Hanon Systems makes the company ethics policy readily available for internal and external stakeholders to ensure this approach proliferates throughout the business. We are committed to responsible business practices and this naturally includes compliance with antitrust and competition laws. Price fixing, unfair competition or any other activity which unfairly impacts or restricts competition in the marketplace is also strictly prohibited.

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We are proud of the relationships we have built with our customers, and attribute this to high professional standards and an honest, open and ethical approach to how we do business. We remain committed to providing quality solutions to customer needs and demands and realize that partnerships are only sustainable where clear lines of communication and understanding are in place.


As a business-to-business organization, it's not solely about our customers. Our relationship with our suppliers is also fundamental to healthy, ethical and sustainable growth. It is a relationship that is symbiotic in nature, with each interdependent on the other. With this is mind, Hanon Systems understands the supporting role it is able to play in the growth of its suppliers and the positive impact supplier diversity has on the market. We are committed to open communication and interacting with our supply base, sharing best practice and encouraging and increasing awareness of sustainability within the supply chain.

Supplier Engagement

Hanon Systems is committed to leveraging its relationships with supplier partners to help supply chain sustainability. By sharing its own practices and policies, Hanon Systems aims to encourage business partners to adopt similar approaches to areas of environmental, social and economic performance. As well as incorporating the expectations we place on our suppliers into global terms and conditions, we also make relevant policies, guidelines and codes visible on our supplier page .

Through annual supplier engagement events, we also encourage stronger working relationships with our supply base, leveraging the opportunity to present on Hanon Systems initiatives and give recognition to our business partners.

Supplier Portal

Through providing a supplier portal, we offer a platform where suppliers can interact directly with Hanon Systems and find the information they need on our processes and policies, all the while contributing to more effective channels of communication and transparency.

Conflict Minerals

Hanon Systems is committed to playing a proactive role in the eradication of conflict minerals, those which have contributed in any way to armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and surrounding countries, from its supply chain.

Product Quality and Safety

Because all our actions can impact Hanon Systems products and services, we all share the commitment to, and responsibility for, safety and quality in the products we make.

Hanon Systems is committed to design, engineer and manufacture products that meet or exceed all applicable laws, regulations, voluntary standards and industry practices. Acknowledging the trust customers and consumers place in us, we strive to produce high-quality products and services with a commitment to continuous improvement in product performance. Through this dedication, we can create products that consistently earn high marks for safety

Responsible Products

In a world where the fight against climate change and global warming remains a top priority, the automotive industry plays a key role in providing innovations and technology to help reduce the emissions, pollutants and carbon footprints of vehicles. At Hanon Systems, we develop eco- friendly and efficient products that encourage and enable automotive makers to create vehicles with long-term sustainability and value in mind.

Hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles, three platforms that are literally driving the low-impact agenda forward, have provided Hanon Systems with the opportunity to develop cutting- edge components and vehicle systems for a market that demands greener vehicles. The global warming potential of refrigerants used in air-conditioning has also seen Hanon Systems develop breakthroughs in alternative refrigerant systems, helping vehicles further reduce environmental impacts.

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