Our Approach and Philosophy




Our Approach and Philosophy

Hanon Systems is in a unique position. The automotive industry is a changing landscape, continuously adapting to a more sustainable future: one that is less reliant on natural resources, and one that is in touch with key risks, regulations, demands and issues. Hanon Systems creates and develops technology that will help facilitate this, but we must do so in a way that brings benefit to all involved, both inside and outside of the company.

Not just thermal solutions

As an automotive thermal management solutions provider, Hanon Systems is committed to driving positive change that brings value to our people, customers, environment, and the communities we work in, while maintaining outstanding professional, operational and environmental standards. We strive to understand and incorporate our stakeholders’ interests into areas of our strategy, building a positive and sustainable future for all involved.

Striving to be a proactive corporate citizen

At Hanon Systems, our corporate responsibility strategy is based on eight guiding principles, focusing on four key areas of performance: marketplace, workplace, environment and community. It is intrinsically tied to our corporate objectives, market drivers and the expectations of our stakeholders. This provides us with a structure that facilitates the effective management of company issues related to environmental, social and economic factors. By giving corporate responsibility this platform, Hanon Systems is committed to being a proactive corporate citizen.


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