It makes sense a company that brings comfort solutions to its customers and consumers also focuses on bringing similar benefits to its people. Creating a work environment that prioritizes the well-being, development and creativity of our employees is what we strive for at Hanon Systems.

Our People

Hanon Systems views its employees as valued partners in the business, and supports and promotes a working environment that embodies safe and fair labor practices, inclusivity, and mutual trust and respect. We want our employees to feel comfortable in the place they work, free from harassment or discriminatory behavior of any form. It is our responsibility to nurture this culture and to embed proactive approaches to equal opportunity and diversity within global operations. A diverse workforce brings different ideas, different experiences, and different backgrounds together, and helps to build a more resilient and global organization


Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees is paramount. At Hanon Systems, robust safety measures and training are in place to ensure our employees return home safe each day and integrate safe thinking into everything they do. Hanon Systems maintains OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management certification and assurance covering all global facilities, and carries out regular workshops, training sessions, and campaigns to keep safety awareness top of mind.



As with any organization, employees spend a substantial portion of their day in their workplace. It is therefore important that, while with us, employees are made aware of ways their health can be improved both inside and outside of work and to provide them a platform on which to do so. At Hanon Systems, various health support initiatives are made available around the globe, including campaigns on healthy eating, ergonomics, stress management and work-life balance. A large number of our locations also provide sports-based programs including fitness and yoga classes, cycle-to-work schemes, team sports and running



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